aboutGOLF values long term partnerships where we create customized solutions, delivering results that fit both companies’ visions.


Our Strategic Partners work with aboutGOLF to drive the adoption and success of both aG and the partner. These are partners who aG invests with, and they invest with aG.


To ensure that our customer’s needs and expectations are being met from a global perspective, aboutGOLF adopts a model of appointing Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) into strategic regions. As an officially appointed VAR, aboutGOLF Australia provides local on the ground presence in Australia, covering off all aspects of the purchase process, from concept through to project completion and after sales support.


Our technology partners provide products and services to help the value of the aG platform. We partner with the end consumer in mind. It allows for additional products we don’t build but integrate with.


Commercial clients are always evolving to suit the consumer. Ranging from indoor golf centres, amenities spaces, performance centres, and food and beverage partners. Our platform supports this type of partner not just with technology but the business tools as well.


aboutGOLF Australia aligns themselves with Videopro as their Official Delivery Partner, who take care of the complex area of procurement logistics, project delivery, and after sales support. Videopro are experts in applying the industry’s most advanced technologies and leverage this expertise to deliver highly customized solutions to best suit our customers’ needs and objectives.

Videopro has an established and comprehensive process to support a successful integration, focused on meeting our customers’ expectations. From design to post installation training and ongoing client support services, the process provides the foundation of their ability to ensure that each project is completed within scope, on time and within budget.


Our ambassadors are raving fans for aG, they promote and talk about our platform while utilizing the features of our system. We have golf and non-golf ambassadors.